nutrition in animals for class 7 Important questions

Most Important Questions

  Q 1 What do you understand by animal nutrition? 
  Q 2 Define digestion.  
  Q 3 Name the type of food and mode of feeding of the following animals: (a) Ant (b)Mosquito
  Q 4 Name the process of taking in food? 
  Q 5 Name the glands present inside the oral cavity. 
  Q 6 What helps our tongue to taste the food? 
  Q 7 What do you understand by alimentary canal or digestive tract? 0
  Q 8 What constitutes the Digestive System? 
  Q 9 What are the two components of the digestive system? 
  Q 10 What is the difference between milk teeth and permanent teeth? 
  Q 11 How many types of teeth are present in humans? Name them. 
  Q 12 Which teeth do you use for piercing and tearing? Write the number of these teeth. 
  Q 13 What is the function of premolars and molars? Write the number of both teeth in each jaw. 
  Q 14 List the functions of the tongue. 
  Q 15 How many pairs of salivary glands are present in humans and what is the function of saliva? 
  Q 16 What are the main steps of digestion in humans? 
  Q 17 Write short notes on ---   (a) The stomach (b) Liver 
  Q 18 What are villi? What is their function? 
  Q 19 What do you understand by rumen and rumination? 
  Q 20 Why do we get instant energy from glucose? 
  Q 21 Name the type of carbohydrate that can be digested by ruminants but not by humans. 
  Q 22 What is the mode of feeding in Python? 
  Q 23 Name the largest gland in the human body. 
  Q 24 Write a short note on structure and feeding of the amoeba. 
   Q 25 Write one similarity and one difference between the nutrition in amoeba and human beings. 
  Q 26 Draw labelled diagrams of ---    
           (a) Human digestive system                                                                           
           (b) Amoeba

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