Class 10 maths quadratic equations

This page is about class 10 maths chapter 4 : Quadratic equations along with NCERT solutions for this chapter

Quadratic Polynomial

P(x) = ax2 +bx+c   where a≠0
Quadratic equation
ax2 +bx+c   =0     where a≠0
Solution or root of the Quadratic equation
A real number α is called the root or solution of the quadratic equation if
2 +bα+c=0
Some other points to remember
  • The root of the quadratic equation is the zeroes of the polynomial p(x).
  • We know from chapter two that a polynomial of degree can have max two zeroes. So a quadratic equation can have maximum two roots
  • A quadratic  equation has no real roots if b2- 4ac < 0
To know more about how to solve quadratic equation you can visit this link Quadratic equation concepts

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