H.C Verma Concepts of physics OR NCERT physics books

Many times i have had users ask me a question which book to opt between H.C Verma Concepts of physics and NCERT physics books. My answer is you can keep both the books set for your preparation as NCERT is nice book to learn a good concepts and is according to the exam level of class 11 and class 12. But what i think about  HC verma is that it is the best book for problems ,go for solved as well asboth unsolved questions in HC verma and do practice them without looking at the solutions. MCQ and conceptual problems given in the book are good. So the book is also good for objective purpose but first do subjective questions to get a grip over the concepts you have learned. You can also first solve the questions given in the NCERT book as they are bit easy in comparison to the questions given  in the HC Verma book. For further reference you can consult books like resnik halliday to get and in depth knowledge of  theory.

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