Generation Alzheimer’s: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers

This year, the first of the Boomer Generation turns 65 and with increased age comes increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. To bring urgently-needed attention to the risk facing the Boomers, the Alzheimer's Association recently released a groundbreaking study titled, Generation Alzheimer's: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers.

"Alzheimer’s is a tragic epidemic that has no survivors. Not a single one," said Harry Johns, president and CEO of the Alzheimer’s Association. "It is as much a thief as a killer. Starting this year, more than 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65. As these baby boomers age, one of out of eight of them will develop Alzheimer’s – a devastating, costly, heartbreaking disease. Increasingly for these baby boomers, it will no longer be their grandparents and parents who have Alzheimer’s – it will be them. It is estimated that 10 million baby boomers will end up developing Alzheimer's Disease.

In addition to the human toll, over the next 40 years Alzheimer’s will cost the nation $20 trillion, enough to pay off the national debt and still send a $20,000 check to every man, woman and child in America. And while every 69 seconds someone in America develops Alzheimer’s disease today, by 2050 someone will develop the disease every 33 seconds - unless the federal government commits to changing the Alzheimer’s trajectory.

Generation Alzheimer's: The Defining Disease of the Baby Boomers, sheds light on a crisis that is no longer emerging – but here. If you’d like to view a full copy of this report please visit

The Alzheimer's Association is the world’s leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. Our mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain heal

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Magnetic force on charged particle in a magnetic field

Question: Describe the magnetic force on the particle if it is at rest; it moves along  the direction of the magnetic field; it moves opposite the direction of the magnetic field; and if its at right angle with the direction of the magnetic field.

1. In a magnetic field B, a particle of charge q and velocit v experiences a force,
F = q(v X B)
If v = 0, the F = 0 and hence the particle experiences no force.
(Here, bold letters represent vectors)
2. if the particle moves in the direction of the field then F=qvBsin(0) = 0 again particle does not experience any force when it move parallel to the magnetic field.
3. Again F=0 for the case when particle moves in a direction opposite to the field as 
F=qvBsin(180) = 0 since the angle between and is 180 degree.
4. In case and are both perpendicular to each other then charged particle will follow the circular path .

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