Inertial and non inertial frames

  • Both rest and motion are relative terms and there is nothing like absolute rest or absolute motion.
  • Position or state of motion of a body may appear different in different frame of reference i.e.,  an object at rest in one frame of reference might appear to be in motion in another frame of reference.
  • Newton's first law of motion also known as law if inertia does not always holds for all frame of reference and the frames in which this law holds good are called inertial frames of reference.
  • Inertial frames of reference are non-accelerating frames this means that either they are fixed or move with constant velocity.
  •  Non-inertial frames are the frames in which newton's law of inertia does not holds true. 
  • Rotating and acceleration frame of references falls in the category of non inertial frames.
  • In this frame acceleration is caused by fictitious or pseudo forces.
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