How to master Physics

  • If you are a student then before attending your class do preparations for your lecture which means go through your text book , read the chapter and prepare for your forthcoming lecture.

  • Try never to miss your lectures and listen them carefully

  • Since you have read your lessen before you can easily clear your doubts and have discussion with your faculty.

  • Never forget to take your notes during your lecture.

  • After going home prepare a fresh copy of your notes and short notes of your lessen so that you can revise them easily while studying for your exams. Yes never forget to jot down your doubts and their possible explainations.

  • After compleating your chapter do not forget to practice related problems as they help you to clear your concepts. The more problems you solve the more comfortable you get with the subject.

  • Revise your lessen regularly so that it becomes impossible for you to forget the chapter.

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