Seeback Effect

  • Seeback effect was first discovered by Thomas John seaback
  • It stated that when two different conductor are joined to form a circuit and the two junctions are held at the different temperature then an emf is developed which results in the flow of the electric current through the circuit.Arrangement is shown as below in figure
  • Maginitude of thermo-electric emf depends upon the nature of the two metals and on the temperature difference between terminals

  • Seaback effect is reversible i.e, if the hot and cold junctions are reversed the direction of thermoelectric current is alse reversed
  • Seaback investigated thermo-electric properties of a large number of metals and arranged them in a series known as thermo-electric series or seaback series and is given as follows
  • When any two of these metals in the series is used to form a thermocouple ,the thermo emf is greater when two metals used are farther apart in the circuit
  • Figure 1 shows the thermocouple of Cu and Fe.The current in this couple flows from Cu to Fe through the hot junction
  • The thermo emf of this couple is only 1.3 milivolt for a temperature difference of 100 C between the hot and cold junction

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