Career opportunities in physics and engineering

Majority of students studying in senior school find physics as a more difficult subject. They find difficult to gasp various theories and formulas of physics. Physics is the most fundamental of all natural sciences and it describes how nature works using the language of mathematics. Now a question arises why should a student opt to study physics when he can choose between number of other branches of science that are much easy to study and understand. I would say before opting for physics a student needs to know why the physics is important and what career options a student may get out of studying physics at senior school.
Physics is the most basic natural science. The name physics comes from the ancient Greek word for nature. And the name fits perfectly: Physics deals with everything that occurs in nature, may it be in atoms, cars, semiconductors or outer space. This all belongs to physics.  Physics tries to explain natures by models. These are theoretical constructs, written in the language of logic, mathematics. Models can be falsified by experiments that show different outcome than expected, they cannot be verified.
To know the importance of physics in your daily life look around yourself and see how our daily life relies on technology, for example most of the electronic devices which are now important part of our life use transistors which came into existence due to research on physics of semiconductors and semiconductor devices and you can find lots of examples like this. Physics is an important subject to learn and understand if you are planning to make a career in medical sciences, engineering or technology. For example in case of medical sciences physics supplements a lot when it comes to be about branches like radiology.
In case of engineering studying and understanding physics becomes further more important as every branch of engineering be it electrical, mechanical or mechanical involves application of physics. The basic concepts we learn in physics play an important role in understanding complex scenarios in engineering. There are lots of career opportunities in engineering degree and if you want to opt engineering as an career option you can visit Online Engineering Degree for detailed information about different branches of engineering.
Further if you do not want to go for medical or engineering you can also opt to become a research scientist, teacher, lecturer or professor in physics. For this you would need to physics as a subject to study during graduation then go for post graduation and even have to go for a PhD degree in physics. So you see there are  lots of career opportunities for a student interested in physics and there are so many reasons why you should study physics.

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