How to choose a physics book for competitive exams

When you start preparing for competitive exams like PMT, IITJEE, AIEEEi am sure most of you face this question  "From which book should I study Physics?". There are lots of books available in the market in Physics for preparation of exams like  IITJEE/AIEEE/PMT and it could be quite confusing choosing from numerous available options.
I would advise you all to choose one good book for example NCERT book or concepts of physics by HC Verma for reading text and clearing your concepts in physics. Use only one book for studying a given topic as different books have different approach towards the topic and you could easily get confused. Start a topic or a chapter by reading it first from NCERT book and if you fail to understand then refer another help book. Solve all problems given in NCERT as they cover range of problems from easy to tough. After that try and solve problems  asked in entrance exams from that topic. After this, you will be able to judge for yourself if reading that topic/chapter from some advanced book is necessary or not. If you feel that what you learnt from NCERT is not enough to solve questions in competitive exams then (and only then !) read that topic from some other advanced book.For this you can use "Resnik and Halliday's book" , HC Verms's Concept in physics etc. . Other books can also be used according to your personal preference.
It's high time you start preparing for your 2012 entrance exams so all the best for your preparations. 

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