Preparing physics pre-medicalexams

  • For AIPMT test physics is one of the subject to prepare along with Biology and Chemistry. Physics for AIPMT and pre-med examination is usually easy in comparison to that of IITJEE and AIEEE.
  •  If you have a grip over the concepts of physics then you should work on the speed and accuracy with which you attempt questions in this section.
  • This speed and accuracy for attempting questions in physics comes with an experience.
  • Students should use NCERT books for their preparation as these books are very clear in concepts and negligible amount of mathematics is required to understand these books.
  • You could buy MCQ books by various authors available in market or you could also take simulated online test series to check your speed and accuracy.
  • Practice lots of problems to gain confidence in the subject.
  • Most important topics in physics are mechanics and modern physics.

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