Prepare yourself for Competetive Exams

This time is mid of the november and can prove deciding time for those preparing for competetive examinations like IITJEE/PMT/AIEEE etc and various other examinations. Ideally you should nearly complete all your syllabus by this month and if you have not completed it then try to cover the syllabus quickly by the end of this month. After you have completed all your syllabus then start revising it keeping yourself cool and calm.
Try an explore all the topics of your syllabus for the competetive exams. After having looked up and revised complete syllabus you should start practicing simulated exame type situations to increase your confidence there are various websites online where you can take such tests.
So all the best for the preparations of your competetive exams. Stop panicing if you have little time left and large portions to cover just fix your goals and start preparing.

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