Color code of carbon resistance

• Commercially resistors of different type and values are available in the market but in electronic circuits carbon resistors are more frequently used
• In carbon resistors value of resistance is indicated by four colored bands marked on its surface as shown below in figure

• The first three bands a,b.c determine the value of the resistance and fourth band d gives the tolerance of the resistance
• The color of the first and second band respectively gives the first and second significant figure of the resistance and third band c gives the power of the ten by which two significant digits are multiplied for obtaining the value of the resistance
• value of different colors for making bands in carbon resistors are given below in the table

Color Figure(first and second band) Multiplier(for third band) tolerance
• For example in a given resistor let first strip be brown ,second strip be red and third be orange and fourth be gold then resistance of the resistor would be 12 x 103 (± 5%

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