Newton's First Law of motion

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What comes to your mind when you think about Newton's first law of motion . Now a days it has become an obvious statement but it was not the case when the law has been formulated. Statement of Newton's first Law of motion is

" Every body continues to be in state of rest or uniform motion untill acted upon by a net external force."

Equilibrium of the bodies is the essence of the forst law of motion.

Why we have used the word net force it is because there might be more then one forces acting on the body and net force on the body is the vector sum of all the forces acting on the body. Newton's first law of motion only gives the qualitative defination of the force that is it tells us that force is only the influence behind the moving objects but it does not tell anything about what is required to keep objects moving when they are set to motion by the application of force. In out daily life we see that bodies set to motion eventualy came to rest for example book placed on a horizontal surface is pushed , it started to move and then come to rest. What does first law of motion has to explain about this effect. What would we have to do to keep the book moving ? Can first law of motion has anything to say about it. Think about it if you find any more point to discuss let me know I'll be happy to discuss

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