Thermodynamics Questions along with solutions (Questions for IITJEE)

Question 1:A gas is contained in a vertical, frictionless piston cylinder device. The piston has a mass of 20 kg with a cross-sectional area of 20 cm2 and is pulled with a force of 100N. If the atmospheric pressure is 100 kPa, determine the pressure inside.

Question 2:A piston-cylinder device has a ring to limit the expansion stroke. Initially the mass of Oxygen is 2 kg at 500 kPa, 30° C. Heat is now transferred until the piston touches the stop, at which point the volume is twice the original volume. More heat is transferred until the pressure inside also doubles. Determine the amount of heat transfer and the final temperature.

Question 3: A piston cylinder device contains 1 kg of oxygen at 150 kPa, 30°C. The cross-sectional area of the piston is 0.1 m2. Heat is now added causing gas to expand. When the volume reaches 0.2 m3, the piston reaches a linear spring with a spring constant of 120 kN/m. More heat is added until the piston rises another 25 cm. Determine the final pressure, temperature and the energy transfers.

Question 4:Is the energy of the system U an intensive or extensive variable?

Question 5:Suppose we have M+N systems prepared, and the first is in thermal equilibrium with the second, the second in thermal equilibrium with the third, etc., until system M+N- 1 is in thermal equilibrium with the M+Nth system. Is the first system in thermal equilibrium with the M+Nth?

Question 6:A gas is contained in a cylinder with a moveable piston on which a heavy block is placed. Suppose the region outside the chamber is evacuated and the total mass of the block and the movable piston is 102 kg. When 2140 J of heat flows into the gas, the internal energy of the gas increases by 1580 J. What is the distance s through which the piston rises?

Question 7:A resistance thermometer is such that resistance varies with temperature as
where T represent Temperature on Celsius scale And a,b,R0 are constants.R0 unit is ohm
Based on above data ,Find out the unit of a,b


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