IITJEE Tips and Tricks

Solve Force and motion problems easily
(1) First read the problem carefully.
(2) Determine which type of force is exerted in the system and where it is exertwd.
(3) See whether Newton's law of motion are applicable for the particular system or not i.e., see wherher frame of referance you are working with is inertial or non-inertial frame of refrence.
(4) Determine the system of units you have to use to solve a problem. If physical quantities in the question are given in different units then convert them to a convinent unit you want to work with generally S.I. system of unit is used in our text books.
(5) See if frictional forces are acting on the system if yes then take them into account.
(6) While taking care of friction forces see if they are static or kinetic in nature and accordingly work with them.
(6) Look for the direction of the frictional forces.
So keeping these simple points in mind you can solve force and motion problems easily

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