How to prepare for Physics for IITJEE

IITJEE is one of the toughest examination in India.SO it requires lots of systematic efforts to pass the examination.
Here i would to try to explain what should be the strategy and plan for physics for IITJEE

  • First things is the right selection of books for the IITJEE as good books play an important role in clearing the concept in Physics.
    You can check at the following links for the list of books for the IITJEE.

    IITJEE Physics Books

  • Second things is to plan your syllabus .Decide about the time for the each units.I will be soon giving u the IITJEE physics planner for theb whole year which will greatly help you in planning.
  • The next steps to stick to the schedule and start the study.First of all clear your all concepts.Read the chapter many times so that concept becomes crystal clear and you can connect the concept with our daily life.For example.Lets take Projectile Motion.A baseball in motion describes an Projectile motion.You can think of baseball example in learning the concepts.It will be good if you can prepare some notes of the chapter for fast revision.
    Check out your concept by attempting the conceptual questions.You can lots of comceptual test on the my blog.

    You can get good study Material at the following link
    IITJEE Study Material

  • Once you have cleared the concept,you are ready take the questions.First study some examples to get the feel of the concept.While going through examples,you can see and analyze the way a particulr physical concept is applied towards solving the problem. This will help you a great deal while you begin to solve problems.Try to find the best possible way to tackle the problem.Lets take the example for Projectile motion

    1.Gather all the information from the question
    2.Select a coordinate system and resolve the initial velocity vector into x and y components.
    3.Follow the techniques for solving constant-velocity problems to analyze the horizontal motion. Follow the techniques for solving constant-acceleration
    problems to analyze the vertical motion. The x and y motions share the same time of flight t.

    You can find lots of such ways and hint from the following link
    IITJEE Tips
  • Revise your material and practice questions on a systematic basis.
  • Attempts the question in previous year IITJEE questions papers.This will give you a feel of the IITJEE questions.You can find the papars and solutions in the below link
    IITJEE Previous Year Papers

  • Take Test on regular basis.It give you the feel of the examination.Give you full attempt to the test.Take online Test on the below links.
    IITJEE Test Series
  • Take some simulated IITJEE test series (not online) by the some renowned institues.This will help you in preparing for the Main Examination

Best of luck
Physics Expert

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