Physics Champion Contest-3

Welcome to the Physics Champion Contest!!!!!!!!!!!

We present the First Physics Champion Contest

Winner will get Heat and thermodynamics package free.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 This contest is for all the students studying in 10th to 12th ,students preparing Engineering and Medical examination
2.There are 5 multiple choice questions.You have pick the correct choice ,send to us in Format given below
3.You will be choosen for lucky draw only when all the question are correct.
4. Winner will be choosen from the lucky draw from All those candidate who give all write answer
5. You have to send the answer and the information to the following mail address in following format

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Subject:Physics Champion Contest-III


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7 This contest is valid from 26 June 2009 to 26 Sep 2009.Winner will be announced on the site on 30 Sep 2009.

Multiple choice questions with one answer only
1. The potential energy (in joule) of a body of mass 2 Kg moving in the x-y plane is given by
Where the position coordinates x and y are measured in meters.If the body is at rest at point (6m,4m) at time t=0,it will cross the yaxis at time t equal to
a. 2s
b. 1s
c. 3s
4. 4s

2.Find the electric field inside the sphere which carries a charge density proportional to the distance from the origin
ρ = kr
a. ρ/ε0
b. ρr/ε0
c. ρr20
d. none of the above

3.A conductor of nonuniform curvature, the charge
a. is distributed uniformly over its volume
b. is distributed uniformly over surface
c. has the greatest concentration on the part of greatest curvature
d. has the greatest concentration on the part of least curvature

4.Two particle X and Y travel along the x and y axis respectively with velocities
v1=2i m/s
v2=3j m/s
At t=0 they are at X(-3,0) and Y(0,-3)

Find the vector which represent the position of Y relative to X as function of the time t
b.(2t-3)i + (3-3t)j
c. -3i-3j
d. 3i+3j

5. Six particles situated at the corner of a regular hexagon of side 1 m move at a constant speed 2 m/s.Each particle maintians a direction towards the particle at the next corner.Calculate the time the particle will take to meet each other.
a. 2
b. 1/2
c. 1
d . 3/2

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