IITJEE Problems : Optics

Q 1. A concave mirror of radius of curvature 1m is placed at bottom of a tank of water. The mirror forms an image of the sun , when it is directly overhead. Calculate the distance of the images from the mirror for different depths, 80 cm and 40 cm of the water in the tank. (ans=50 cm , 47.5 cm)
Q 2. A pin is placed 10 cm in front of convex lens of focal length 20 cm made of material of refrective index 1.5. The surface of lens farther away from the pin is silvered and has a radius of curvature 22 cm. Determine the position of the final image. Is the image real or virtual.(Ans -11 cm)
Q 3. An object is placed 50 cm from the surface of a glass sphere of radius 12 cm along the diameter . Where will the final image be formed by reflection on both the surfaces? Refractive index of glass is 1.60 (Ans +9.5 cm)
Q 4. A bi-convex lens of radii of curvature 30.0 cm each is placed on the surface of water so that the lower surface is only immersed . An illuminated object 40 cm deep is observed vertically through the lens and water. Find the position of the image. Refractive index of air-glass=3/2 and of glass-air=4/3 . (ans -90 cm)
Q 5. Interference pattern is obtained with two coherent light sources of intensity ratio n. Show that in the interference pattern

IITJEE/AIEEE 2009 Information

IITJEE 2009 Information

1.The IIT JEE for 2009 would be held for 12th April 2009

2. The JEE examination would be objective type and would contain 2 papers of 3 hours each Paper-1 would be held from 9 AM to 12 noon and the Paper-2 would be held from 2 PM to 5 PM.Each paper would have separate sections for Physics,Chemistry and Mathematics and would be designed to test comprehension,reasoning and analytical ability of the candidates.

3.This year the examination would be held for 12 IIT’s,IT-BHU Varanasi and ISMU Dhandbad.

AIIEE 2009 information

1. The eighth all India Engineering Entrance Examination will be held on 26th April,2009 all over India and abroad.

2 This is for admissions in B.E/B.Tech and B.Arch/B. Planning in various national level institutes like NIT’s,IIIT’s,Deemed Universities and government funded institutions and States like Haryana and Uttaranchal

3. This examination will be held in two parts viz B.E./B.Tech from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and for B.Arch./B. Planning from 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs.

4. Materials to be brought on the day of examination Admit Card and Ball Point Pen of good quality. For Aptitude Test in Architecture, the candidates are advised to bring their own Card Board, geometry box set, pencils,erasers and color pencils or crayons.
5. Rough work All rough work is to be done in the Test Booklet only. The candidate should NOT do any rough work or put stray mark on the Answer Sheet.


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