Physics Champion Contest

Physics Champion Contest-I

Winner will get stationary gift pack worth Rs 200.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 This contest is for all the students studying in 10th to 12th ,students preparing Engineering and Medical examination
2.There are 5 multiple choice questions.You have pick the correct choice ,send to us in Format given below
3.You will be chosen for lucky draw only when all the question are correct.
4. Winner will be chosen from the lucky draw from All those candidate who give all write answer
5. In the format given below,you have to also write the name of the friends who referred you this site
There is lot of importance of this field.Let me explain that
Based on the data provided by you all,we will make a list like this

No of times it is referred

If that candidate has sent the entry for the contest and also if he qualifies for the lucky draw,then his name will be entered in the lucky draw as many times as he was referred.So students you good chance of winning,if you referred this site to more and more people

6 You have to send the answer and the information to the following mail address in following format

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7 This contest is valid from 22 May 2008 to 30 June 2008.Winner will be announced on the site on 10 July 2008.
8.I will cover the cost of shipping. There is no cost to you.

Contest Questions

Mulitiple choice questions with one or more answer
1. A composite slab is prepared by pasting three slab of thickness L1,L2,L3 and thermal conductivity K1,K2,K3.The slab have equal crossectional area.Find the equilvalent thermal conductivity
c. K1+K2+K3/L1+L2+L3
d. L1+L2+L3/K1+K2+K3

2.A metallic shell has charge q placed at the center.An excess charge Q is given to the shell
Which one is true
a. Outer surface has q+Q charge uniformly distributed
b. Outer surface has Q charge nonuniformly distributed
c. Outer surface has Q charge uniformly distributed
d. Outer surface has q+Q charge nonuniformly distributed

3.Which of the following is noninertial frame of refrence
a. A train which speeding Up
b. A train with constant speed
c. A train which speeding down
d A train at rest

4.what is of these is true for Projectile motion
a. Velcoity is perpendicular to acceleration at the highest point
b. Horizontal components of velocity remains constant through out the path
c. Range of the projectile is given by Horizontal component of velocity X Time of flight
d. None of the above

5.A transverse wave in a medium is described by the equation y=Asin2(wt-kx).The magnitude of the maximum velocity of particles in the medium is equal to that of the wave velocity.if the value of A is
b λ/4π
c. λ/π
d 2λ/π

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