Graphical Question for Kinematics

1. A ball is dropped vertically from a height h above the ground .It hits the ground and bounces up vertically to a height h/2.Neglecting subsequent motion and air resistance ,its velocity v varies with the height h as

2. The displacement -time graph of a moving particle is shown below.The instantanous velocity of the particle is negative at the point

a. C
b. D
c. B
d. A

3.The velocity -time graph of a moving particle is shown below.Total displacement of the particle during the time interval when there is nonzero acceleration and retardation is

a. 60m
b. 40m
c. 50m
d. 30m

4. Figure below shows the displacement -time graph of two particles.Mark the correct statement about their relative velocity

a. It first increases and then decreases
b. It is a non zero constant
c. it is zero
d. none of the above

5.Four position -time graph are shown below.What all graph shows motion with positive velocities

a. a and c only
b all the four
c. b and D only
d. b only

6. What all graph shows motion with negative velocities
a. b and d only
b all the four
c. a and c only
d. c only

7.which of the folliwing graph correctly represents velocity-time relationships for a particle released from rest to fall under gravity

8.The v-x graph(fig1) of a particle moving along a straight line is shown below.Which of the following below graph(A,B,C,D) shows a-x graph


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