Physics for IITJEE:Objective Questions

1. In an SHM,x is displacement and y is acceleration at time t.The curve of y agianst x for one complete oscillation will be
a. An ellipse
b. A circle
c. A straight line
d. A sinusoidal curve

2.At 0° C a body emits
a. No radiation
b. All wavelenghts
c. only visible light
d. only microwave radiation

3.A person 6 feet in height can see his full size erect image in a mirror 2 feet in height.This mirror has to be
a. plane or convex
b plane or concave
c. Necessarly convex
d. Necessarly concave

4. A parallel plate capacitor is made by stacking m equally spaced plates connect alternately.If the Capacitance between any two plates is C.Then the resultant capacitance is
a. C
b. mC
d (m-1)C

5.The radioacativity of a sample is R1 at time t1 and R2 at time t2.Mean life of the specimen is T.The numbers of atoms that have disintegrated is the time interval(t2-t1)
a. R1t1-R2t2

Physics for IITJEE: Detailed Solutions

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