PMT test series for Mechanics

Multiple choice question with one or more answer

1. A body fall from height H.if t1 is time taken for covering first half height and
t2 be time taken for second half.Which of these relation is true for t1 and t2
a. t1 > t2
b. t1 < t2
c t1=t2
d Depends on the mass of the body

2.A 1 kg ball moving at 12 m/s collides head on with 2 kg ball moving with 24 m/s in opposite direction.What are the velocities after collision if e=2/3?
a. v1=-28 m/s,v2=-4 m/s
b. v1=-4 m/s,v2=-28 m/s
c. v1=28 m/s,v2=4 m/s
d. v1=4 m/s,v2=28 m/s

3.A train running at 30m/s is slowed uniformly to a stop in 44 sec.Find the stopping distance?
a. 612 m
b. 662 m
c. 630 m
d. 605 m

4.A nut comes loose from a bolt on the bottom of an elevator as the elavator is moving up the shaft at 3m/s.The nut strikes the bottom of the shaft in 2 sec.How far from the bottom of the shaft was the elevator when nut falls off?
a. 13.6 m
b. 10 m
c. 12.6 m
d. none of these

5.A system consisting of two objects has a total momentum of (18 kgm/sec)i and its center of mass has the velocity of (3 m/s)i.One of the object has the mass 4 kg and velocity (-1.5 m/s)i.The mass and velocity of the other objects are
a. 2 kg, (6 m/s)i
b. 2 kg, (-6 m/s)i
c. 2 kg, (3 m/s)i
d. 2 kg, (-3 m/s)i

6.A moving bullet hits a solid target resting on a frictionless surface and get embeded in it.What is conserved in it?
a. Momentum Alone
b KE alone
c. Both Momentum and KE
d. Neither KE nor momentum

7.A body of mass 5 kg starts from the origin with an intial velocity u=30i+40j m/sec.If the constant force acts on the body F=-(i+5j) N.The time in which y component of the velocity becomes zero is
a. 5 sec
b. 80 sec
c. 20 sec
d. 40 sec

8. A stationary body of mass 3 kg explodes into three equal parts.Two of the pieces fly off at right angles to each other with the velocities 2i m/s and 3j m/s.If the explosion takes place in 10-3 sec.find out the average force action on the third piece in N
b. (2i+3j)103
c (2i-3j)10-3
d. none of these

9.A bullet of mass m is fired horizontally with a velocity u on a wooden block of Mass M suspended from a support and get embeded into it.The KE of th wooden + block system after the collisson
c. (m+M)u2/2
d. mMu2/2(M+m)

10.A body of Mass M and having momentum p is moving on rough horizontal surface.If it is stopped in distance s.Find the value of coefficient of friction
b. p/2Mgs
c. p2/2Mgs
d. p/2M2gs

3. b
5 a
6 a
7 d
8 a
9 a
10 a

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