Mechanics Test Series -II

Multiple choice question with one or more answer
1. A block of mAss M is moving with a velocity v on straight surface.What is the shortest distance and shortest time in which the block can be stopped if μ is coefficent of friction
b. v2/μg,v/μg
d none of the above

2.A horizontal force of F N is necessary to just hold a block stationary against a wall. The coefficient of friction between the block and the wall is μ. The weight of the block is
b. F(1+μ)
c. F/μ
d none of these

3.Consider the following two statements.
STATEMENT 1 Linear momentum of a system of particles is zero.
STATEMENT 2 Kinetic energy of system of particles is zero.
(A) A does not imply B and B does not imply A.
(B) A implies B but B does not imply A
(C) A does not imply B but b implies A’
(D) A implies B and B implies A.

4.The Position vector of the center of mass of uniform semi circular ring of radius R and Mass M whose center coincided with the origin
d. none of the these

5.A body is sliding down a rough inclined plane of angle of inclination θ for which coefficent of friction varies with distance y as μ(y)=Ky where K is constant.Here y is the distance moved by the body down the plane.The net force on the body is zero at A.Find the value of constant K
a. tanθ/A
b. Acotθ
c. cotθ/A
d. A tanθ

6.Chosse the correct option
a.if Workdone by the conservative force is positive then Potential energy decreases
b. Rate of change of momentum of many particles system is proportional to net external force on the system
c.The workdone by the conservative force in closed loop is zero
d. None of the above

7.Two electrons(e) are the at the point (-a,0) and (a,0).Their mass is m.They are released from rest.The acceleration of the center of mass of the system when the electron at 4a distance apart
a. e2/64mπε0a2
b. zero
c. e2/16mπε0a2
d. none of the above

8.The potential energy of a certain particle is given by
U=20x2+35z3.Find the vector force on it
a. -40xi-105z2k
b. 40xi-105z2k
d 40xi+105z2k

Matrix Match type

Column I
a. Frictional force
b. Gravitational force
c. Electrical force
d Viscous force

Column II
P. Workdone by the force in closed loop is zero
Q. Workdone by the force in closed loop is not zero

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