Study tips for IITJEE


1.Try to visualize the problem by drawing the diagram.Free body diagram helps in solving mechanics problem.
2.Be sure your units are correct.It will many times prevent making mistakes.

3.Whenever you get any numerical answer,Judge the answer.Does the number look practical
4.Try to Break the problems into manageable pieces
5. Read your text books no of times so that you understand concept in each line
6.Do not panic in exam if you are not able to solve first problem.stay cool and attempt the other one.Most of the times we get panic lose all the time.
7 After every mock test,check your mistakes and try to avoid them again.Try to Learn something from each test
8.IITJEE may change the pattern but concept will remain same always,so if you are good,You should not worry about the pattern

9.Enter the examination in a positive mood to crack the test.
10. Prepare all the stationeries before hand.
11. Stay relax. A calm mind works better
12. Be very careful while reading the instructions,you might know the answer,but you fill it incorrectly so you will lose even what you know.
13. It is not important to attempt many question.You aim should be do the question correct.This way you will avoid negative marks.

14.You should reach the test centre at least half an hour before the exam.So that you can relax.

15.Master Time Management Skills
16.Scan all the topics in a stipulated time frame.
17. Plan your schedule for your revision and exercise.
18 .Start concentration on the topics that you have covered rather wasting time on new topics particularly when exam is just few days ahead.

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