Conceptual question for Thermodynamics


1.In a given process of an ideal gas,dW=0 and dQ<0 ,then for a gas
a.dT <0
b. dV>0
d. dT>0

2.what is true for a free expansion process
a. dW=0
b. dQ=0
c. dU=0
d. all the above

3. Consider the following two statement
A.If heat is added to the system,it temperature must increase
B.If dW >0 then dV >0
a A & B both are correct
b A is correct only
c. B is correct only
d A &B both are wrong

4.what is true of Isothermal process
a. dT>0
b. dT=0
c. dQ=dW
d. none of the above

5. if dU=-dW for a process,the process is
a. Adiabatic
b. Isothermal
c. Isobaric
d. None of the abobe

6.What is true of a cyclic process
b ΔU=0
c.ΔU >0
d None of the above

7. An ideal gas is taken from state A(P,V) to state B(P/2,2V) along a straight line path in P-V diagram.Select the correct statement from the following
a.The workdone by the gas in process A to B exceeds the work that would be done by it if the system were taken from A to B along a isotherm the T-V diagram ,the path AB becomes a part of a parabola,
c. In the P-T diagram,the path becomes a part of a parabola
d.In going from A to B,the temperature T of the gas first increase to a maximum and then decrease

8.Let W1,W2 are the workdone in the two process A & B by an ideal gas.ΔTA=ΔTB. Let CA and CB are the molar heat capacities in two process
Also W1 > W2. whic of the following is correct
b.CA < CB
c. CA > CB
d None of the above.

9.which of the following is correct
a. Molar heat capacity is 0 for PVy=Constant
b. Molar heat capacity is infinity in adiabatic process
c. Internal energy does not change in Isothermal Process
d. All the above

10.An ideal gas is taken from state A(P1,V1) to state B(P2,V2) by two method X & Y..which of the following is correct
c. ΔQ1+ΔW1=ΔQ2+ΔW2
d. None of the above


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