Questions for Thermodynamics

Question 1:A monoatomic gas of n moles is contained in a vertical, frictionless piston cylinder device at Temperature T. The piston has a mass of M kg with a cross-sectional area of A cm2 and the atmospheric pressure is P N/m2.
a,Determine the pressure inside.
b. what amount is heat required to double the temperature

Question 2:The pressure of the gas in constant volume gas thermometer are 80 cm,90cm and 100cm of mercury at the ice point,the steam point and in a heated wax bath resp.Find the temperature of the wax bath

Question 3.The heat capacity of a substance is found to be varies as temperature
A sample of mass m of that substance is heated from tempertaure T1 to T2.How much heat is required

Question 4.A monotonic gas is taken through ABCDA cycle.
A->B Constant Pressure process
B->C Constant volume process
C->D Constant Pressure process
D->A Constant volume process

The PV coordinates of point A are (P,V)
The PV coordinates of point B are (P,3V)
The PV coordinates of point C are (3P,3V)
The PV coordinates of point D are (3P,V)

1 Find the total workdone in the cycle
2 Change in Internal energy

Question 5.The coefficent of linear expansion of a substance is found to be varies as temperature
A rod of lenght L made of that substance is at tempertaure T1 .It is heated to temperature T2.What is the final length of rod


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